Dear Sirs,

The first that Stockport Councillors, except the Executive Committee, knew about the plan to sell off part of Reddish Vale CP was the first week of July. They were informed by the Stockport Express, (who were informed by myself.) We have checked this with individual councillors and that is the case. The Leaders of the Lib Dem group and of the Conservative group have stated clearly that if the Brinnington Councillors introduce a Motion in Council to halt this measure, which was not made clear in the Consultation Process, then their groups would abstain. The Motion should be carried by the Labour Group without a problem.

However, the council officers seem to have convinced Brinnington councillors that since 400 Brinnington residents, who also were misinformed, agreed to the Brinnington Regeneration Plan at some time in the past, the sale of the land should go ahead.

I would like them to read this extract from an email sent by Stockport officers to the proposed buyer of the land on 22nd January 2013

“As we discussed at the interview, one of the important elements of this project will be the engagement of the community and its representatives. It is the view of the Brinnington Regeneration Project Board that this is crucial to securing the project. To this end I will set up a meeting with you and relevant members of the Project Team to discuss how beginning the process of ensuring buy in by the community and local members in particular.” FOI

This objective was so crucial that to disclose the facts would have made a vast difference to its reception by the community, who are grossly insulted by the council planning collusion with the builder to ensure agreement to misinformation. The local members, more than half of whom were not even consulted were council members when the hugely important Local Designation of RVCP was made to create a presumption against housing development in that area.

At the time this was a massive relief to campaigners who had fought hard and long to “Save the Vale.” It is not too late for the members to do the honourable thing.

Yours sincerely

Pat Ruaune