“Dear FOI Officer,

Many thanks for persevering with the Council to release this location data previously withheld on the basis of it being impractical to download from their data base.

I am fairly certain that the data is in a truncated form of the National Grid Reference format but with the 100km grid reference omitted. As it is it might be several places in the UK. Could you please confirm this location data in the normal format.

Locations 36 and 37 appear to be the only ones actually within a few meters of the road edge on the existing A555. No measurement is shown but a note explains;
‘* Inadequate data capture – not used’

Nearby measurements 70m from the A555 on the Hall Moss Lane B road are recorded as 35.5ug.

Locations 36 and 37 are the only two out of 64, that are missing data but they would have probably indicated Air Quality Directive exceedances based on nearby successful recordings.

Please send me;

– the details of how the data was not successfully recorded

– any related correspondence particularly concerning the possibility of repeating the measurements

Kind regards,

Steve Houston”