18 January 2014 08:07:13

Dear Councillor Paul Bellis,

Regarding the Bramhall area
committee meeting this week where we were both in attendance. You will recall that in my capacity as an individual against
the planned A555 “relief” road I gave a two minute address to the committee.

Following this you questioned me specifically about traffic
volumes in Poynton village and how the A555 relief will “benefit” Poynton.

I would like to make the following clear councillor. In my opinion the planned SEMMMS route will have no beneficial
effect on the traffic flow through the centre of Poynton. This
is due to the fact that Poynton village centre is gridlocked at most times of
the day due to the volume of vehicles travelling on the A523. (Stockport to
Macclesfield). Another significant volume of traffic is ‘local’
traffic that is vehicles traveling in and around the local Poynton area.

The suggestion that a new road starting on one of the already
most congested roads in the United Kingdom (the A6, Hazel Grove) will alleviate
Poyntons associated traffic problems is absolute fantasy. It would also be
ridiculous to suggest that the reason why Poynton is so congested is due to
vehicles travelling to Manchester airport.

I hope that
clarifies my position as an individual that has resided in Poynton village for
most of my life.

With my kind regards.