Wonderful of Eric Pickles to make the videoing of council meetings compulsory. We can hold them to their comments, and they can’t deny having made them any more.

Subject: Question for the next council meeting (not tonight)
Date: Thu, 23
Jan 2014 18:04:51 +0000

Dear Democratic Services

Question 1) for Councillor

At the planning meeting on 22nd January 2014 you
made the comment that the air quality problems are mostly due to aircraft, so
the building of the road is not damaging to air quality and should go ahead. I
paraphrase but not much, and the meeting was webcast. Did you give any
consideration to the fact that the roadscheme will lead to further expansion of
the airport leading to more air pollution? Stockport faces the possibility of a
£30million fine and I feel we should give national coverage to councillors who
expose the council taxpayers of Stockport to such appalling financial risks.
Have you any comments to make regarding this?

Question 2) for Councillor Peter

Councillor Burns you quoted at the planning
meeting on 22nd January 2014 from the original SEMMMS report from 2001. In that
report, which you say you have read, is the stipulation that the road must be
for local traffic only and can not be for strategic traffic. You then went on
to expound widely on the strategic benefits of this roadscheme. This may well
fail at public inquiry with resulting losses to the council taxpayer likely to
dwarf the £18m wasted on the failed Mottram to Tintwistle Bypass public
inquiry. Did you give any consideration whatsoever to the fact that this road
was only allowed to be for local traffic?

Kind regards