“Your assertion that Labour are now a protest party is ridiculous.

You say “The “Polls” are useless & misleading & their only real importance is that Labour clings to them like a liferaft.”
Which is also rather amusing to anyone who is familiar with your “usual” postings.

You trash the significance of polls when they are unfavorable towards Liberal Democrats, you constantly try to spin the figures to reflect a brighter outlook than what is reality. And on the flip side you try to use polling statistics as evidence that Labour are doomed.

Your flip flopping lacks serious credibility.

Liberal Democrats are clinging to the hope that the party will be credited with any upturn of the economy and yet, all polling data shows that this is not the case. Liberal Democrats are not seeing any boost in either polling or more significantly in local election results.

People on lower/middle incomes and those on welfare are not seeing any benefits of a “supposed recovery” the only people benefiting are those on higher incomes and corporations and their votes will go to the Conservatives.

Liberal Democrats will struggle to even win over support from previous voters, people who genuinely thought that the party stood for and would deliver a fairer economy and society, Civil liberties and lifting people out of poverty.

With just over a year to go until the next general election, I can not see the Liberal Democrats being able to pull a magic rabbit out the hat.”