“What Knutsfordians need now is another set of knights to wake up and save Knutsford from Tatton Park.

Speaking against the BeWILDerwood proposals to Cheshire East’s strategic planning meeting, Tory town councillor Mike Houghton said: “The supposed economic benefits to Tatton are very much to the disadvantage of Knutsford. BeWILDerwood restricts Knutsford’s freedom of movement, economy, health and wellbeing.”

BeWILDerwood will ‘cost’ the Cheshire East taxpayer upwards of £6.75 million, What will Knutsford get in return? Nothing.

What have our three Tory councillors done to protect our town? Nothing. Indeed Olivia Hunter went out of her way to speak in favour of the development.

Mobberley Clr Jamie Macrae spoke in favour of the development, Clrs Steve Wilkinson and George Walton arranged for substitutes to attend strategic planning.

Nobody wanted the BeWILDerwood development in Tatton Park bar Tory councillors. Why were the views of Knutsfordians ignored by Cheshire East Council?

What else is planned for Tatton Park which will further harm Knutsford’s freedom of movement, economy, health and wellbeing?

– PS Knutsford Town Council has decreased the precept for 2014/15 even though Knutsfordians will be paying some 40 per cent more than we did in 2013/14.

The Knutsfordian can be found banging his head against a brick wall.”