6.19 In the course of the Phase 1 study, proposals were made to extend Metrolink further. The broad options identified were:

• beyond Stockport, to the east towards Brinnington/Bredbury and/or to the south

along the A6 corridor;

• beyond the Airport towards the east following, at least initially, the protected

alignment of the Manchester Airport Link Road West.

6.20 A pre-feasibility assessment was undertaken to inform the definition of Metrolink options to be considered by the study. Based upon this work, the defined options for consideration are given in Table 6.3. It should be noted that the pre-feasibility work identified a further option to those noted above linking Stockport to the Airport using for part of its length the (committed) Airport and (proposed) Stockport extensions and this too was included in the Metrolink options considered by the study.

Table 6.3: Metrolink Options

ML1 Stockport – stand alone

ML2.1 Beyond Airport version 1 = Airport – MALRW – Wilmslow

ML2.2 Beyond Airport version 2 = Airport – MALRW – Poynton

ML3.1 Beyond Stockport version 1= to Rose Hill via Brinnington/Bredbury

M3.2.1 Beyond Stockport version 2 = to Hazel Grove via A6


Beyond Stockport version 2 = to Hazel Grove via New Mills to Heaton

Mersey Line

ML4 Stockport – Airport Extension (Wythenshawe Loop) via New Mills to

Heaton Mersey Line

6.21 In terms of option compatibility, clearly it is not possible to develop a Metrolink line beyond Stockport prior to the completion of the line from Hough End to Stockport.

Options ML3.1, ML3.2.1 and ML3.2.2 therefore comprise option ML1 as an integral

component. Other than that, extensions beyond Stockport and the Airport are

compatible with each other and as such can be assessed independently.