Dear Mrs Oliver

I refer to your request for a copy of the electoral register for the
Cheadle & Gatley Ward. As we are unclear as to you precise request, I have
provided a full summary of the rights of individuals to inspect or purchase the
current electoral register and current postal voters list and the marked
registers and postal voters lists used in the election on 22nd May

Access to and supply of the electoral register and the postal voters
list is governed by the Representation of the People Regulations (RPR) 2001 (as
amended). This includes the registers and lists maintained during the course of
the year and also the ones used at a particular election.

The content of the Regulations is summarised below:

The full electoral register can be inspected at the
Elections Office in the Town Hall or at the Central Library or relevant local
library (eg the register for Cheadle & Gatley ward is available in Cheadle

The full electoral register can only be supplied to a
restricted number of individuals and organisations (either at no cost or on
payment of the statutory fee) as set out in paras 97 – 109 of the RPR 2001

The open register (ie the register containing the
names of those electors that have not opted out of having their details passed
on to 3rd party organisations) is available for sale (on payment of
the statutory fee) to any individual or organisation

The full postal voters list can be inspected at the
Elections Office in the Town Hall. Anyone who wishes to inspect the list must
make a request in writing, specifying:

which records or lists are required

who will be inspecting the information

the date on which they would like to make their

whether they would prefer to inspect the information
in printed or data format

The marked register of electors and the marked postal
voters list used at the elections on 22nd
May 2014 is available for inspection by any individual. Anyone
wishing to inspect the register or postal voters list must apply in writing
and must:

specify which register or document they wish to

state whether they wish to inspect a printed or data
copy (where appropriate)

state why inspection of the full register or unmarked
lists would not be sufficient to achieve the purpose

state who will be inspecting the documents, and

state the date on which they wish to make the

The documents must be made available within 10 days of receipt of the
application.448 The Electoral Registration Officer must arrange for them to be
inspected under supervision and for a reasonable amount of time.

The marked electoral register and postal voters lists
may be purchased by candidates and agents on payment of the statutory fee. The
information may only be used for electoral or research purposes.

I hope this information answers your query. If you wish to inspect any
of the records please contact the elections office at

Yours sincerely


Phillipa Nazari
CSS Manager-Information Governance/
Deputy SIRO