“Ousted Liberal Democrat and Stockport Council leader Dave Goddard was accused of being ‘shameless’ and ‘untruthful’ by Labour and Tory councillors last night.

John Smith, a leading Tory councillor, who defected from the Lib Dems in January this year, accused the leader of his former party of not being straight with the facts in his campaign and his achievements.

In a impassioned outburst, Cllr Smith said: “Dave Goddard has said he’s done things as executive that were my work when I was leader.

“The Lib Dems’ campaign wasn’t truthful. The Lib Dems are looking rather glum though, and so is Dave Goddard.

“But I don’t like backbiting, it puts the voters off. When things start getting personal, things start getting negative.”

Labour Councillor Paul Moss, who caused controversy when he gave a raucous cheer when Mr Goddard’s defeat was announced, said: “He has been a shameless leader of the council.

“Defeating David Goddard will change the dynamic of Stockport Council for the next two years. It is as important to get rid of the leadership who cut road crossing patrols in this borough. Safety of the children in our borough is more important than any budget responsibility.”

Before his defeat was announced, Mr Goddard under-estimated the mood of Stockport voters, exclusively telling MM: “In the last year, I think we’ve had one vote against us in the meetings. I don’t think there have been any issues for voters this year, no.”

The Lib Dems called for a recount after the initial announcement of the Labour win, but Cllr Moss dismissed their appeal and said: “The Lib Dems always try it on when it’s close.””