As an explanation of how the still gassing former toxic waste dump at Harcourt Street was chosen for a 550 pupil primary school and nursery, the explanation below is clear as mud.

Email received

31 July 2007 1128
Dear Mrs Oliver
Freedom of Information Documents – Your Phone Call of 31st July – Repeated Request

In relation to your request for the School Organisation Committee minutes for July 2005. This information is not held by the Council as there was no School Organisation Committee meeting in July 2005. You have already had access to the full papers that went to that Committee in December 2005. As you are aware from the papers you have read when you visited the Council on 16th July 2007 the previous meeting of the School Organisation Committee was held on the 9th February 2005, the agenda, reports presented and minutes of which are available on the Council website at:

In relation to your request to see the consultation documents, again you have already seen this documentation as it was in the bundle that you were given access too when you visited the Council. The consultation was about the closure of schools in the Reddish area and whether a new School should be built and what Facilities should be provided on a single site. The consultation questionnaire, results summery and details of the consultations carried out with teachers, governors, parents, carers and other members of the local community were all contained in the information you have already seen when you visited the Council on the 16th July 2007 in the form of the School Organisation Committee papers from December 2005.

The Council is under no duty to provide you with access to information you have already seen under section 14(2) of the Freedom of Information Act as this information has not changed. If you would like to view the School Organisation papers from December 2005 again then please let me know.

Yours sincerely


Freedom of Information & Data Protection Processing Officer


From: sheilaoliver
Sent: 30 July 2007 20:19
To: Donna Sager
Subject: FOIA documents

Dear Ms Sager

As discussed this evening, please have the said documents available for me to read at Hygarth House this week. How the above comment can be construed as threatening, I really don’t know.

I note Councillor Scott expressed concern at tonight’s meeting regarding the same issue of how the Harcourt Street site was chosen. Not a very transparent process then.

I repeat these documents have not been made available to me at all despite numerous requests.

Sheila Oliver