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02 November 2007 15:17

Our Reference 780

Dear Mrs Oliver,

Environmental Information Regulations – Venting

This is a repeated request that has already been answered in my response dated 6th November under the same title.

Please note at this stage in the process the design is not detailed enough to answer the question. The Council can confirm however that the recommendations of the GMGU report will be embodied in the ultimate specifications and designs.

Yours sincerely,


Freedom of Information & Data Protection Processing Officer

From: sheilaoliver
Sent: 14 October 2007 20:09
To: Cllr Mark Weldon; Andrew Webb
Cc: Cllr Brian Bagnall(EXT); Cllr Christine/Stuart Corris(EXT); Cllr Dave Goddard; Cllr John Smith; Cllr Mark Weldon; Cllr Maureen Walsh; Cllr Peter Scott(EXT); John Schultz;
Subject: Re: Financial Liability

Dear Councillor Weldon

Forgot to say. In the cost of the school account needs to be taken of the cost of the repair and maintenance of the gas venting system over the life of the school (30 years?). This cost will be incurred by council taxpayers and needs to be included when arriving at the total cost of this extremely expensive school – already way above Government guidelines.

Secondly, gas venting can’t take place in car parks, public open space or in areas where children play. Please explain to me, therefore, where on this site gas venting can take place, because there is nothing but car parking, public open space or areas where children play or study or where babies are.

Please answer the above.

Kind regards