There is no turning area because the Council don’t own the land and had they compulsory purchased it there would have been a public inquiry which they would have lost. So they knew they were creating a dangerous traffic situation with no solution. Dodgy LibDems – don’t trust them with your children’s safety.

“The drop off area will have insufficient capacity to meet all demand and should be prioritised for use by those dropping off the youngest children.”

“The construction of the turning area will require removal of some trees which should be replaced behind the turning area.”

I agree, I didn’t realise until I took over the file recently just how big the school is and how limited the drop off facilities. But better to raise it now than after the school opens and the kids are getting all muddy getting out on the verge. Then the cost of any remedial works would be likely to fall to the Area Committee who probably wouldn’t thank me for it.

From: Jim Seymour
Sent: 25 July 2007 12:40
To: Nick Whelan
Subject: RE: highways addendum

Sheila raised why this issue has been raised now and not with your other highways views within the committee report. She was having a dig that it was short notice.

From: Nick Whelan
Sent: 25 July 2007 12:28
To: Jim Seymour
Subject: RE: highways addendum


What point?

From: Jim Seymour
Sent: 25 July 2007 11:47
To: ‘’
Cc: Steve Lamb; Nick Whelan
Subject: highways addendum


Here it is attached again. Timing is out of my control I’m afraid but yes I take your point. Speak to Nick Whelan (highway engineer) on this point if you need more info.