Within one month of the school opening, the police complained to Stockport Council about the dangerous traffic situation around the school. The dodgy LibDem executive councillors still claim I am “vexatious” to mention the traffic situation.


Email received – 15 August 2007 16:05

Dear Mrs Oliver,

Traffic Reports – Correspondence addressed to Nick Whelan

I am writing in response to your e-mail addressed to Nick Whelan below. All the traffic reports are on the planning files and are public documents which you have viewed a number of occasions..

The main concerns we have with the school relate to the main drop off and collection times for the Primary School. The activities listed are not anticipated to make any significant impact on the traffic generated by the site at these times. Outside the main drop off and pick up times the on site parking should be adequate to cater for the demands made. Some of the functions listed, especially the before and after school clubs, will help spread the arrivals and departures and should reduce the peak time traffic impact.

Yours sincerely


Freedom of Information & Data Protection Processing Officer

From: sheilaoliver [mailto:sheilaoliver@ntlworld.com]
Sent: 01 August 2007 21:48
To: Nick Whelan
Cc: Pat Penkethman; Steve Lamb
Subject: Traffic

Dear Mr Whelan

I note from the School Organisation Committee minutes 16/01/06 and 05/02/05 that the children’s centre would be used for:-

Midwifery drop-in session

Baby clinics

Health visitor drop-in sessions

Speech and language support for children

pre-school provision

breakfast clubs

before and after school provision

homework clubs

for parents and other carers groups to take part in extra curricular activities

adult education classes and other more locally defined initiatives.

I have not seen any allowance made in the traffic reports for these activities.

Given your frankly pathetic performance at Monday’s Tame Valley Area Committee – when asked to carry out work to the required standard you rolled your eyes in disgust – I am concerned that you don’t have the capability to carry out your job properly and also that you lack the desire to provide a truthful report. If you hadn’t sufficient staff to do the work, as you claimed to me, then you should have postponed the meeting until you did rather than produce such substandard work.

I expect an answer within 10 working days as to why the above mentioned traffic problems have not been considered.