Jim McMahon, Stockport Council’s lead on the Cheadle Constituency Link Road for votes, doesn’t even understand the current status of the planning application. How much do we pay him?

As a clued up council taxpayer pointed out to him:

“Dear Mr McMahon

I received your invitation to the latest Local Liaison Forum
today but noted your error – see attached copy. You have stated that the scheme
has received planning approval by all three local authorities yet this is not
factually correct. As you’re aware, from the Public Inquiry we both attended,
Cheshire East have granted conditional approval based on
mitigation measures for the 30% traffic increase and subsequent illegal increase
in pollution levels in Disley being put in place. Again you’ll remember from the
PI that your planning expert, Paul Colclough, openly agreed that these
conditions have not been met.

As I know how concerned you are to be openly transparent with
the public, I look forward to receiving a corrected letter as I’m sure will all
of my neighbours. I trust too that the local residents of Disley will also
receive the corrected version, particularly as this issue is so potentially
damaging to their health and that of their families.

Many thanks in advance


Local Resident