This Charter is part of our
commitment to improve the way we serve you.

In delivering our service we will:

  • Deal
    with your enquiry honestly, fairly and politely
  • Give
    prompt and accurate advice and information
  • Respect
    your right to confidentiality
  • Take
    into account your individual needs
  • Keep
    you informed about what is happening with your enquiry
  • Listen
    to what you have to say
  • Encourage
    you to make comments or complaints so that we might improve our services
  • Have
    an easy-to-use complaints procedure if things should go wrong

When you contact us you can expect the following
levels of service:

In writing:

  • We
    will aim to reply within 10 working days of receipt
  • Letters
    and leaflets will be written clearly and will be free of jargon

By telephone:

  • We
    will aim to answer your call within a minimum of 10 seconds (4 rings).
    However, during peak periods we will strive to answer within the maximum
    national standard of 20 seconds (8 rings)

By Email or Fax:

  • If
    you contact us on a published email address or fax we will endeavour to
    acknowledge within 24 hours and aim to deal with you enquiry within 10
    working days


  • We
    will strive to see you promptly and communicate with you clearly and in a
    polite manner. Appointment systems are available in some Service areas,
    please ask for details

Helping us to help you:

  • Please
    tell us if you have any difficulty accessing our services
  • Please
    tell us about any relevant changes in your circumstances as soon as you
  • Please
    use a relevant reference number when you contact us, if you have one
  • Please
    be considerate and polite to our staff and other people using our services
  • Please
    let us know of any comment you may have about the service you received
  • Please
    tell us if you are not happy with any aspect of our service
  • We
    will answer any query as soon as we can. If you are not satisfied, then
    the Council has a complaints procedure. This is explained in our leaflet
    ‘I have a complaint to make advice leaflet for customers’ or visit the
    complaints web pages (see ‘Related Items’)

Any queries-please contact us on
Telephone number: 0845 124 9461
Fax number: 0845 124 9462
Minicom: 0845 644 4306