From the halcyon days when the Information Commissioner was prepared to force Stockport Council to be transparent. These days are long gone.

24th December 2008

Case Reference Number FS50227814

Dear Mrs Oliver

I refer to your email dated 27/11/08 which was sent to us in connection with case reference FS50214944. As the content of your email brought to our attention a further request for information to Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council (dated 05/10/08) it will be dealt with under a new reference FS50227814. I spoke with a council representative today and understand that the information you requested (Strategic Capital Group Report) was provided on 01/12/08.

In cases such as this the Commissioner does not consider that serving a formal decision notice would serve any strong public interest. Even though the Commissioner does not intend to issue a formal notice in this case, your concerns have been taken seriously. Thank you for bringing this matter to the attention of the Information Commissioner.

This case has now been closed with the delayed response element showing as ‘withdrawn’ on our records. If you are dissatisfied with the response you may, after having exhausted the council’s internal review process, ask us to look into the matter further. If so, please contact us quoting the reference number on this letter.

Yours sincerely

Jim Dunn

FoI Case Officer

FoI Case Reception Unit

The Information Commissioner’s Office