Email sent – 23 September 2009 19:18

Dear Mr Houston


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From: Sheila Oliver

To: Anwar Majothi

Sent: Saturday, August 22, 2009 8:00 PM

Subject: Can council officers ever tell the truth?

Dear Mr Majothi

Please see the attached. It is implied by Ms Sager when I raise genuine and correct concerns about the funding that all is well, when in fact we have seen from the Agenda for pre-meeting minutes 30th March 2007 that there is obvious concern regarding funding. There was financial concern prior to this letter too. Was Ms Sager telling the truth?

Somehow, I think you are all going to be left with egg on your faces, or maybe even some of you spending more time with your families, for banning me for being ueber-vexatious. Please, please don’t throw me into the prickly briar patch ;o)


Mrs Oliver

Stockport’s Freedom of Information Campaigner