GMGU’s proof of evidence from David Woorich to the public inquiry in 2006 regarding the Adswood former Jackson’s Brickyards stated:- “The general thrust of guidance is that, ideally, gassing landfill sites should not be developed for ‘hard’ end uses until they have stabilised but should be developed instead for open space use. Stabilized in this sense means a methane level of below 1%v/v .. and a CO2 level below 1.5%v/v.”

The school site is gassing over 14%v/v CO2 .

In 2006 GMGU stated to a public inquiry about the sister Jackson’s Brickyard site at Adswood:- “Where the redevelopment of a closed landfill or nearby land is involved, even the possibility of difficulties from migrating gas would be a material planning consideration.”

It wasn’t when the same firm – GMGU – did the contamination investigations for this new school.