Email sent – 02 September 2009 06:58

Dear Mr Majothi

Last night Goddard said I should have reported the
financial irregularities and they couldn’t answer them if they didn’t know what
they were.

I asked a council question in February 2008 and he
promised me a reply over the financial anomalies. When I had not received a
reply by July I wrote to Scullion. When by November I had heard nothing I sent a
registered post reminder to Khan. When I got no acknowledgement from him I again
asked Goddard in the full Council meeting and he promised me a response. When I
had heard nothing by February 2009 I again asked Goddard in a full council
meeting and he told me I would never be given an answer. I have sent hundreds
possibly of reminders, which no doubt has led to my being branded now
Vexatious With Knobs On. Your comments please before I take
this to the Standards Board regarding Goddard and Weldon.

Also, please send me the advice the Council claims
to have received from the LGO regarding vexatious council taxpayers. I am
asking this under the FOIA.


Mrs S J Oliver

Stockport’s Freedom of Information