What terrible thing had I done? In a private email to Councillor Bispham, who used to be my friend, I had pointed out that a lady councillor who dressed in the council chamber as if she were going to an Ann Summers party, had upset little old ladies who were present in the public gallery. I also pointed out that men in the public gallery were commenting whether said councillor’s embonpoint was genuine or surgically inflated. I suspect the lady’s breasts were prominently displayed in order to invite comments, which is just what I did.

Why did Herr von Schulz intercept emails not addressed to him?

Still, it stopped him having to answer questions about the toxic waste dump primary school built too small and £5m over budget, didn’t it.

There was no appeal process.

As for his desire to share his letter with the local media, go ahead Schulzy, I said. Make my day. He didn’t.

They are a strange bunch at the top of Stockport Council.