At a sister Jackson’s Brickyard site at Adswood there were 64 boreholes
dug and 176 contamination trial pits. The Council’s experts stated at a public
inquiry in 2006 that that amount was not enough, at exactly the same time they
were saying four trial pits and 11 boreholes was fine for Harcourt Street where
the school was going, These are the same experts who said the Harcourt site was
safe originally and are now in charge of further investigations. I have no
confidence in their competence.

In 2006 the Council’s experts – Greater Manchester Geological Unit funded by the Greater Manchester councils – at Adswood Tip, a site where Stockport Council didn’t stand to make a fast buck, were dead against building on this sister site – they said it was far too dangerous.

They had no such qualms where the Council did stand to make a fast buck by selling off the redundant land of three schools for housing and putting a new ueber-school on a dangerous, still gassing toxic waste dump.

These were all the investigation points carried out at the Adswood tip site, yet they tried to do none, then just one at the primary school site.

Three sites opened up as Jackson’s Brickyards in 1922 – what is now Adswood Tip, what is now Bredbury Industrial Estate and what is now the toxic waste dump school

This is an old map of the Adswood site:-

At the Adswood site the housing was not going directly over the old rubbish in-filled claypits marked /////// on this map. The toxic waste dump primary school was going directly over the old rubbish in-filled claypits, yet they tried to get away with doing no contamination investigations whatsoever.

This is the Harcourt Street primary school site in a map from the same time:-

Very similar sites with carcinogenic benzopyrenes found on both sites presumably from the brick ovens.

Above is a map of the school site in maybe the 1940s. The ////// lines are where the old infilled claypits are, which is directly where the school was put. They didn’t bother to do any contamination investigations directly over the old tip. I assume they didn’t do them because they knew if they did they would find something. For a school with 550 primary school children and 78 babies this is gross negligence.