Greater Manchester Geological Unit’s proof of evidence from David Woorich to the public inquiry
in 2006 regarding the Adswood former Jackson’s Brickyards stated:- “The general
thrust of guidance is that, ideally, gassing landfill sites should not be
developed for ‘hard’ end uses until they have stabilised but should be developed
instead for open space use. Stabilized in this sense means a methane level of
below 1%v/v .. and a CO2 level below 1.5%v/v.” The school site is gassing over
14%v/v CO2 .

The double standards where the council did and didn’t stand to make a fast buck are staggering. The two developments were happening at the same time.

Concern about landfill gases at Adswood but not at the primary school site.

No concern whatsoever about the 14.7% v/v/ carbon dioxide at the school site.