16 March 2015 08:55

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“CEC discharge of planning conditions for the A6MARR/SEMMMS road

From the results released under FOI it appears that the pollution in Disley is considerably worse than previously assumed with hourly average exceedences in 2014 being exceeded 34 times more frequently than the legal limit in addition to annual average being the highest ever recorded in Disley.

CEC’s Air Quality team did warn the Council in 2013 that hourly exceedences might be
the consequence of the A6MARR although it has been assumed that hourly averages
have always been within the legal limits.

Poor air quality has been tolerated on the basis that the UK were at liberty to
decide how long corrective action plans took, contrary to the Directive which
required compliance by 2010 or for Nitrogen Dioxide, concessions to 2015
provided corrective action plans were submitted and agreed with the European
Commission. CEC never submitted action plans to the EC and currently, Disley is
not even included in the annual reporting to the EC. In effect Defra do not consider Disley at risk!

This dubious policy was first challenged in the courts in 2011 That case reached the European Court of Justice in 2013 and returns to the UK Supreme Court this April and a judgement expected in July. At every stage from the Supreme court upwards the UK Government have been reprimanded.

After July then, CEC will have to submit emergency action plans, and the UK courts
have to enforce air quality law, the deterrent being yearly fines until
compliance is achieved. For London these fines have been estimated at £300M.

I would therefore urge the Council to ensure Disley does not suffer a further
worsening of air quality due to the A6MARR increasing A6 traffic from the
current 15k vehicles per day to 27k when the road opens which, by the way, the
applicants argued would make an insignificant impact on air pollution. Or at least consider an emergency action plan to mitigate the severity of fines from the UK courts.

I also enclose my letter to the Secretary of State for Transport which contains a
little more detail.

Do please contact me if you would like to discuss this further,


Steve Houston

PAULA -Poynton Against Unnecessary Link-roads to the Airport )”