After agreeing to a £350million LibDem vote-winning road when there wasn’t even a business case in place:

I asked the Treasury for documents pertaining to Danny Alexander’s further decision to spend £350,000 on a pre-election boost for his political cohorts at Stockport to look into extending the road further. As it is the £350m A6 MARR roadscheme – or Cheadle Constituency Link Road as the LibDems refer to it – won’t solve the traffic problems in the area – not at High Lane, not on the A6 at Hazel Grove, not at Bredbury, not at Dan Bank.

HM Treasury have asked for an extension before they respond with documents relating to the Chief Secretary to the Treasury spending further huge amounts of my money to shore up votes for his political cohorts.

LibDems – could they, should they run a whelk stand?