How will the bent Stockport LibDems sort out the insoluble traffic problems their road for votes will cause in High Lane/Disley, which they will have to do before the road opens. It can’t be sorted out. Does the corrupt LibDem road for votes remain shut then after £350m plus of public money has been spent on it?

Email received – 21 April 2015 17:37 from the Common Purpose Chief Executive of Stockport Council, Eamonn Boylan.

Dear Ms XXXX

In response to your email of 15
April and with reference to the earlier correspondence sent to Mr David Rutley
dated 2nd April 2015, the contractor continues to work in accordance with the
various species specific ecological mitigation strategies which form part of the
approved planning permission from the three local authorities. The project team
is aware of the designation of Ladybrook Valley Interest Trail and Ancient
Woodland. To bring you up to date, as of 15th April the contractor’s ecologists
had identified and marked out 4 locations where nesting birds are evident and
the appropriate processes were followed and will continue to be in line with the
work systems referenced in the correspondence to Mr David

On the issue of mitigation
measures to reduce the impact of the scheme on Disley it is important to be
clear that a fully funded package of mitigation measures must be designed (in
agreement with the Local Planning Authority) and implemented prior to the
opening of the new road. This is a clear requirement of the Planning Approvals
granted for the scheme.

Cheshire East Council has
already commenced feasibility studies and initial consultation with Disley
Parish Council on proposals relating to mitigation measures in Disley,
specifically in relation to the requirements of this planning condition. The
mitigation measures for Disley will be developed through the feasibility and
consultation activities being progressed by Cheshire East Council and once
agreed and planning approval granted by Cheshire East Council LPA the measures
will be implemented prior to road opening which is programmed for October

Detailed assessments of impacts
on air quality have been undertaken and have concluded that the project will not
impact negatively on the ability of the UK to comply with the EU directives on
air quality. For the avoidance of doubt the estimated rise in the level of
traffic on the A6 at Disley is not 30%, but between 11 and

I hope this is




Executive’s Office