Email received 04 January 2008 09:27

Our Reference: EIR/FOI

Dear Mrs

Information/Freedom of Information – PPS 23

I refer to your request
for information detailed below.

The quoted reference
from PPS 23 provides guidance, but it is not mandatory. The Council was aware
from its own records that the site had a history of waste disposal and therefore
commissioned GMGU to consider the contamination issues on its behalf prior to
making a planning application. The Environmental Health Officer was party to
this commission. The work by GMGU has identified the constraints and remedial
measures to ensure the safety of the site for the proposed development. The
screening application for the development resulted in a decision that an EIA was
not necessary.

The planning
application was submitted with the supporting information regarding
contamination (the site investigation) and the Environmental Health Officer was
consulted on the application and has made no adverse comments. The consultation
with the Environment Agency has taken place as part of the on-going processing
of the application and discussions are continuing to address their concerns.

If you are
unhappy with our response or the way we have handled your request you are
entitled to ask us to conduct an internal review. Any internal review will be
carried out by a senior member of staff who was not involved with your original
request. To request an internal review please email
in the first instance or write to:

FOI Officer