This is an email from the then LibDem Chair of the Planning Committee at Stockport Council and still on the Planning Committee, firstly suggesting I claim a village green to stop the toxic waste dump school being built (which he voted for at the committee meeting) and then calling Tesco Tosspots. LibDems eh, what’re they like?

From: Kevin Hogg <>


Subject: RE: Harcourt Street

Email received: 01/02/2007 at 11.06

Miss Marple

Whoops your`e at it again how dare you upset our lovely
(not)CIC still think the best bet of stopping it is to go for village green
registration it stopped Tosspots why not the council. The decision is also made
out side of planning and I think is delegated to the Area Committee Best wishes
Hercule Poirot

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Sent: 28 January 2007 08:38

To: Kevin Hogg

Subject: Harcourt Street

Dear Councillor Hogg

I am currently engaged in Chief Executive fighting, but I
always stand

up to bullies.

Regarding Harcourt Street, the constant mantra is that it
has been land

designated for a new school for 30 years or so. Well, refusal of

planning permission J89 from 7/5/1974 – which is about 30
years ago –

states ” (3) the land is tipped land and is
unsuitable for building.”

One wonders, does one not, why Stockport Council should
declare land

unfit for house building because of toxicity and them
immediately set it

aside as a potential school site.

This barking mad decision has never been questioned in
the intervening


Kind regards