Mrs Oliver ,

The committee did not describe the design as shoddy as
the minutes will recall . Other members may have made design comments but did not describe them as shoddy . Cllr
Harding may have made such a comment, but the planning permission was granted
by a large majority .

Again Mrs Oliver you are quick to condemn others without
any factual basis . If you believe I deliberately misled the meeting then
please take it up with the monitoring officer.

There was obviously no attempt to imply political
whipping was involved. To extrapolate this

from my comments would be beyond even the most ardent conspiracy
theorist, as it would involve Cllr Scott, the leader of the Labour group and a
Reddish Councillor being subject to political pressure from a Lib Dem
Executive Member, as he also supported the
. Absolute nonsense as we all know !


Mark Weldon

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Subject: Lies told at Executive meeting

Dear Councillor Weldon

I have double checked with people who were present at the
Harcourt Street planning meeting.
Several members of the planning committee, and not just or primarily
Cllr Harding, expressed concern about the shoddy design, particularly regarding
the tin roof. This, as I understand it,
meant that as a planning condition changes had to be made to the design of the
building. Consequently, your assertion
at tonight’s meeting that it was just “one rogue” councillor – presumably
you were referring to Councillor Harding – who complained about the shoddy

Firstly, do I understand from your comments that any
member of the planning committee who doesn’t completely toe the line and vote
as per instructions, and please remember there are a large number of official
complaints in about the planning committee and also with respect to them being
subjected to political pressure, is to be considered “rogue”?

Secondly, what official procedure should be followed when
an Executive Councillor tells lies in an Executive Meeting? Is it strengstens verboten for we plebs to
utter any comment in protest?

I really look forward to hearing from you so we can sort
this knotty problem out for when future lies are told .

I note from are previous correspondence that you are
actively seeking wisdom. I shall be on
my knees praying tonight that you might achieve it.

With warmest best wishes



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