Dear Mrs Oliver,

I can confirm that the previous
answer I gave to you at the last Executive meeting regarding the site
boreholes was correct. I have been in contact with one of the geologists who
worked on the report and she confirmed over the telephone the boreholes
were situated in accordance with national guidelines.

I of course stand by my response
last night that notwithstanding the same commercial ownership of the
sites, geologically
every site has to be treated as unique for development purposes, and we have to
rely on the qualified experts opinion.


Mark Weldon BSc (Hons) App. Biol

Executive Member CYPD

From: sheilaoliver
Sent: Fri 28/09/2007 19:13
To: Cllr Mark Weldon; Leader
Subject: Sister sites

Dear Councillor Goddard

I don’t want a written apology from
Cllr Weldon regarding last night, but I do need written confirmation from the
Council of the relationship between the two sites at Adswood and Harcourt
Street. Apart from the documentary evidence I hold from the Council’s own
archives, I have today got rock solid proof from Stockport Library.

So, I asked a question to which
Cllr Weldon was not in a position to reply as he didn’t have sufficient
knowledge. He should have acknowledged that fact and obtained a truthful answer
for me. Instead he lambasted me and I have already received comments
regarding this from shocked onlookers. Well, it turns out that what he
was accusing me of was untrue. I do do my research and I do usually know
what I am talking about. If I don’t then I ask. We have had an instance
before at a meeting when Cllr Weldon felt qualified to comment that site
wide boreholing had been carried out at Harcourt Street without bothering to
check his facts. This council is a stranger to truth and honesty, as we
have seen with all the illegal FOIA refusals – 84 hours to read
documents which actually took 2 hours, the FOI officer claiming he had shredded
documents which I had already seen and I was wasting his time asking to
see them again. When I demanded to see them nothing happened,
then with one threat to complain to the Secretary of State it turns out these
vital documents never existed in the first place. And that was one
half of what you based your case on for not building the school at the Fir Tree
site – complete lies.

So, as I understand it councillors
are not allowed to be rude to council taxpayers. I have enough witnesses from
the full council meeting. What I was saying was totally correct abut the
sites. It was a very important question. If I don’t get the
confirmation requested above, a complaint will be going in about Cllr Weldon to
the Standard Board. I don’t mind either way. As the Germans say, it
is all sausage to me. I will give you a week to respond.

Kind regards


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