But even though Stockport Council has a legal duty to keep information in a manageable form, they can’t let me see even one piece of information on the moving of this vital oil pipeline.

Will the LibDem incompetents make a mess of this too, like the A6 MARR railway bridge? You betcha they will.

Dear Mrs Oliver,

I am sorry it was not clarified to you previously,
however the Council’s response to your request below is effectively the same
line as its response with the OPA; that,

There are a number of parties who were involved in
that process that are no longer part of the project team, which would add
further time, resource and expense, in addition to the numerous persons
involved in this process that are retained as part of the A6MARR project team.
Therefore the Council considers that the 18 hours exemption applies regarding
your request to see the communication between the project team and the

Yours sincerely,

Anwar Majothi

Complaints Manager (CSS)