Another £73m to solve traffic problems which should have been sorted out by the A6 MARR. What on earth is going on Councillor Sue Derbyshire, Leader of LibDem Stockport Council?

And I learn from the newspaper article above that Nick Whelan is involved.

The Nick Whelan who may well be considered by some people to be lethally incompetent? He was in charge of the traffic around the new toxic waste dump school at Harcourt Street, North Reddish. Circa £28,000 was paid to an external consultant to tell a load of lies about the traffic situation around the new school. Having got the report they wanted, corrupt Stockport Council took this utter rubbish to the planning meeting where ovine LibDem councillors passed the scheme on the nod.

Days before the planning meeting Whelan admitted he had had no idea how big the school was going to be or what a dangerous traffic situation would be created. Why not? I had told him many times and it was his job to know.

Within weeks of the school opening the local police had complained about the dangerous traffic situation. But shhhh. The corrupt LibDems at Stockport think it is “vexatious” to mention the dangerous traffic situation around a new primary school.

How could some might say prize nincompoop Nick Whelan not have known that most of the cars from the houses within the red lines had to exit the estate up the narrow lane past the new school entrance?

How could, some might consider, utter plonker Nick Whelan not have realised that placing a 550 pupil primary school, babies nursery, children’s centre etc at this lethal point would cause traffic problems? This was the situation before the new school was built:

Leave Nick Whelan in charge of a £73m traffic scheme? Heavens to Betsy.