“Marple Independent

13th April 2016

For: Marple, Marple Bridge, Mellor, Mill Brow and Compstall

Hello, Marple North Electorate.

My name is Kevin Dowling.

I am the proprietor of The Springfield Hotel, one of the oldest (established 1971) businesses in Marple. I live, work and spend most of my time in Marple, a community I recognize, am committed to and care about. From May 2011, until May 2015, I was a Liberal Democrat Councillor for Marple South. I have resigned from the Liberal Democrat Party and at the forthcoming local elections, scheduled to take place on Thursday, May 5th 2016, I will be standing as an Independent Candidate for Marple North, which is the Electoral Ward where we all live, the one wherein we have the vote.

As an Independent Candidate, I have no affiliation to any political party.

As a former Councillor I have seen how party politics consistently stifles local government, how it devours the time and energy of our locally elected representatives, how they can become enslaved by National Party dogma, occupied with issues that they can have no influence over whatsoever, issues that they were not elected to give their time to. Often this serves to distract them and sometimes even detach them completely from local matters, matters that they were elected to give their time to. I have concluded that as a councillor, there is no way out of this situation as long as you are a member of a political party. This observation though, is a criticism of the party system in local government and not of any person.

Local Councillors should be concerned with and dedicated to local issues.

Although wider issues can impact locally, and Local Councillors should be in touch with these, Marple Councillors should primarily be dedicated to Marple matters. We only have to take a quick glance at some of the ‘motions’ that are proposed for council. These motions take up hours of preparation, sometimes days. This preparation is then followed by hours of debating time, at Full Council Meetings. These motions are often irrelevant to the whole of Stockport let alone our local community in Marple. My policy is a simple, all-encompassing one. I will dedicate my time and office to being a Marple North Councillor and focus on issues that matter to the local community.

Issues such as; Vehicular traffic congestion, parking, school places, public realm, transport, affordable housing and more.

It is not my intention to bombard you every few days between now and the election with repetitive leaflets, giving the same old message, telling you who can win this election, who can’t and why. Therefore, this letter will be the only written communication you will receive from me during this campaign.

It would, I believe, be a fantastic result for democracy, Marple in general and Marple North in particular, if an Independent candidate actually won this time, instead of representatives of the same old parties.

Myself and the current, small band of supporters I have, believe that there is support for Politically Independent Representation in Marple. Support for councillors whose prime objective is to use their time and office in the preservation and development of Marple North. Preservation and development which is in the best interests and wishes of the Local Community.

Marple has not in a long time (if ever) had the opportunity to consider an Independent candidate, so I present this opportunity before you. I would not presume, as others have done and are still doing, to tell you who you should vote for. I will be completely advised on the future of my independent candidacy by your actions at the 2016 ballot box.

Every single vote for Marple Independent Kevin Dowling on Thursday, May 5th 2016, counts towards the future of Marple – it’s now up to us.


Kevin Dowling tel: 07876 568 902