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Email sent – 26/07/2017 19:08

Dear Leader, Chief Executive, Monitoring Officer

Branded a waster of the valuable time of council officers and councillors for asking about this problem years ago:-

Mr Ainsworth/Mr Vali – please ensure this reaches the Chief
Executive and the Monitoring officer

I raised the issue of the removal of waste soil and the
lorry movements with Stockport Council years ago. I knew all about it
because I was one of the few people who had bothered to read the £250k
Environmental Impact Assessment. Councillor Harding was the only
other person I met who had also read it. I was informed by LibDem
Councillors Goddard/Roberts/Weldon that I was wasting the very valuable time of
councillors and council officers by raising this matter.

It now transpires, quelle surprise, that no-one else had
considered this. Was it a certain Stuart Jackson who wrote to me slapping my
legs for mentioning this? I can check.

Fortunately, the arrogant and incompetent
Weldon/Goddard/Derbyshire/Roberts no longer hold power in Stockport, and thank
(insert relevant deity) for that!

I would like a written apology for having been treated like
this. Maybe the new Chief Executive is a decent person – we shall see.

I would like please to ask this question under the FOIA and
EIR 2004:

Who was responsible for
this glaring failure – the Council or the Contractors? Who will pay to
put this right, and what is the cost likely to be?

I look forward to hearing from you
and also to having replies to the numerous council meeting questions I have
raised in recent months without response. I have also exercised my legal
right to information from the Council’s annual accounts regarding the total A6
MARR expenditure this year – again without response.