The Council Plan accompanies the budget and sets a high
-level framework for decision
making throughout the financial year. It is a public
-facing summary document that sits above
annual (detailed) Portfolio Agreements.
The plan is developed by Cabinet, supported by officers, and is an opportunity to reflect on
performance to date and policy priorities for the future. Priorities in the plan are included by
exception. The plan doesn’t attempt to describe everything the Council does; only those
things that are of crucial importance in a specific year.
The 2021/22 Council Plan keeps the existing framework of our 5 Year Borough Plan

setting out our priorities in relation to the 4 shared outcomes:  Stockport people are able to make positive choices and be independent and those
who need support to get it.
 Stockport benefits from a thriving economy  Stockport is a place people want to live  Stockport communities are safe, resilient and inclusive
The plan also describes how we’ll work, as a modern, person centred and ambitious
organisation, to deliver our priorities through four unifying themes:  We are a council that is built around our communities  We are a council that maximises the opportunities of digital  We are a council that values partnerships and collaboration  We are a council that cares about our staff and engages them in the future