Insp Alan Clitherow

In reply, 9:30 will be fine.

I will attend at Fred Perry House, GMP customer service counter promptly to avoid any question to whether I am welcomed by SMBC, that I should be there only by appointment, (this comment is made following my meeting with my MP Andrew Stunnell 26/03/2013 that at which he said [“the council don’t welcome myself at any council offices or town hall and he suggests to get any thing done (if i do, it is like a red flag to a bull) I should stay away”.]

2000 to 2005, contact was ongoing with meetings, written, by phone and by emails and nothing got done, 2005 October I was asked to stay away which I did again untill January 2007 nothing again happening so June 2007, I was told to be patient and wait, which I did starting by my further waiting at Stopford House (I was no longer out of sight and out of mind) and this was when I believe the conspiracy started. There is no legal injunctions applied for or served yet the police were arresting me for breaching a non existent injunction that was taken to be a banning order from the council just because the council said so. In law there was no such order, when the arrests for non existent injunctions was not working, this started the fabrication of offences that the council was alleging about myself, and if I attempted to defend myself it was responded to as a counter claim. Counter claims do not get acted upon untill the first complaint is dealt with, most cases never got to court and some were dropped at first hearing. Those that progressed further as far to appeal were granted and charges overturned and quashed. The further injustice towards myself, I believe, is a crime and I will continue to try and have my case heard. If crime is not stopped, those who get away with it think it OK for them to carry on. Again I say “Dicey, Rule of Law – no one is above it”.

Human Rights Act 1998 breaches are to be addressed as offences to the law; App article 2 HRA 1998 -the right to have life protected. Article 10 the right to free speech; to be free to report crimes against myself without the fear of intimidation.

Awaiting Tuesday’s meeting

Michael Parnell