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Lord Goddard. More ‘Prudential’ Borrowing

Market Place Regeneration Posted on Thu, April 25, 2013 20:56

Unless this is a case of mistaken identity, it is extremely likely that the Council is interested in acquiring 20 – 22 Market Place, Stockport. This would be part of the Market Place development and Improvement Plan, which has been on the agenda for some time.

In the beginning, the Council made it clear that a major element in the scheme was its ownership of empty and under utilised buildings in the area. It would be an efficient use of those buildings without the capital spending on purchase, inevitable upgrading and negotiation involved.

Lo and behold, the 20 – 22 property may be added to the stock of buildings in the area. But what is to happen to the existing stock which in most cases needs major improvement? This question must be answered before launching into an extensive project which would involve the usual expert consultancy, legal, planning and the rest, especially on an historic building.

No fobbing off please! Get on with the original plan which seemed to have sufficient capacity without 20 -22.

Khan won’t allow council meeting questions because Khan is to blame for this Schweinerei

Town Hall Protester Posted on Thu, April 25, 2013 19:57

Council Monitoring Officer, Barry Khan, won’t allow a public question at tonight’s full council meeting asking if Stockport Council will now stop arresting a repeatedly imprisoned and repeatedly found innocent council taxpayer who had a simple problem Khan was tasked with solving. Mr Parnell is currently too sick to undergo his cancer operation, but that didn’t stop Stockport Council taking him back to court a few weeks ago, where he was once again acquitted.

Is Barry Khan a fit person to hold public office? I often wonder.

This is Khan’s reply:-

“The Monitoring Officer has advised that question number 2 is inadmissible because it relates to a quasi-judicial matter affecting a specific individual and potential legal proceedings, and reveals sensitive information about a third party.

This question will not be put to tonight’s Council Meeting.”