When Mr Parnell wouldn’t give up on his quest to obtain counselling for his troubled daughters adopted from Stockport Council. they started hounding him over non-existent council tax arrears (I have seen all his documents and he owes no money).

In order to sort out these non-existent arrears and to stop the bailiffs coming to his house, he had to enter Fred Perry House. To access Citizens Advice he had to enter Fred Perry House. For every breach of the criminal ASBO not to enter Fred Perry House, imposed on him for a crime of which he was acquitted, he faced 5 years in prison for each breach. So they had carte blanche to fabricate council tax arrears and every time he went to sort it out he faced further court cases and imprisonment. They refused to answer any letters from him. They refused to let me act on his behalf.

Further evidence of the non-existance of these council tax arrears available here – http://www.sheilaoliver.org/town-hall-protester.html