“Mike here, Hello how are you, hope you are well,

the liberal security democratic protecters have done it again, so that i couldn’t ask a question at the full council meeting last thursday 8th November 2012, they had the police arrest me at 14:23 hrs for a section 4A public order offence and was forcefully put on conditinonal bail ( not to go to fred perry house ) being released the next day at 00:03 hrs 9th November 2012, and conditioned to attend court on the 22nd November 2012, as i have informed you my treatment at christies starts on the 14th November so as yet i dont know if i will be able to attend the trial hearing,

the question i wished to ask in the council meeting was,

” the right to have any life protected, what will be done ? “.

my arrest was at the request that the council’s security guard, who was not happy that now the police professional standards are looking into my complaint to them, they are requesting documents i had to copy for the papers in issue to be investigated, these papers taken from my private library account and emails have again been accessed by the council’s security, and as before have again by them, my private papers they have copied.

If you wish to know more just get in contact.”

Innocent cancer patient arrested again at the behest of the LibDems. Mr Parnell attended every meeting and has the documents to prove his attendance. Why didn’t any of the LibDem councillors act to sort out his simple problem of requesting counselling for his troubled daughters adopted from Stockport Council?