“Dear Sheila

This video clip was taken on Tuesday 21st April 2009 and was following the two arrests on the day before, that was Monday the 20th, and also after the other arrest on Friday the 17th April 2009. The reason why I was at Stopford House on these days was because, in the full council meeting on Thursday 16th April 2009, it was made aware in the public question time that questioners’ details, addresses, telephone numbers along with most damagingly their signatures, are posted on the council web site within the public domain for all to see. In the council meeting both yours and my name were mentioned as reference to this data breach. This causes me great concern, as I know it would you or even anyone, as to the way the council do bring about risk to those who may ask questions. Questions asked about getting something put right put the questioner in the council’s firing line and they become the target of council attack to cover up the council’s wrongdoing.

When trying to get the best for all in stockport, those who fail in their duty try to damage the validity of those who wish to make a difference. The police were called on this day when the video clip was taken, and in the council or the police nobody seem to know if what I was saying was correct. I assure you that it is and I was again on the 21st of April 2009 trying to point this out and report it.

How much does it cost when the police are called and this might have to go to court? Money to me is not the question – my hurt and the time spent in a police cell and then in the courts along with the wait for the charges to be brought to trial. That was in the Crown Court, Manchester scheduled for the 27th January 2010, which we now know this trial did not happen. Why? I think its because so that the council could not be brought to court for their law breaking that got me arrested in an attempt to cover up their crime. This cover-up is now that there is a greater duty in the interest of justice for the council to be investigated. The assault on myself by the security guard on the 17th April 2009 – yes the same day the council had me arrested because I was reporting and trying to put a stop to their law breaking this has hurt me so bad they had broken me and I have now to pick up the pieces and restore justice.