How Stockport Council employees treat completely innocent council taxpayers. LibDems Stunell, Hunter and all the exclusively LibDem Executive at Stockport think this is perfectly acceptable behaviour.

Instead of leaving the security guards to sort out the problem, why didn’t the Council Solicitor, Barry Khan, or the Complaints Officer, Anwar Majothi simply do their jobs and sort out this man’s problem? Why didn’t the LibDem Executive Councillors who saw him at every meeting when he was not in prison? Why didn’t his Holier than Thou MP, LibDem Andrew Stunell?

Mr Parnell just wanted counselling for his lovely, troubled daughters adopted from Stockport Council. How much would that have cost? How much have the hundreds of custodies, dozens of arrests, court cases, appeals cost the taxpayer? Are any of these people fit to hold public office? I often wonder.