“Dear Sheila
Hello, below is the reply from CPS complaints of my email sent on 14/03/2013 of why nothing was being done about notice given on 21/01/2013 at Stockport Magistrates Court.

Under s23(7) POA 1985 I was given 35 days to serve notice (which was done in 7). yet the CPS can take 3 months to do nothing, and it is then myself who’s being asked why things take so long they end up out of time.

If the CPS wait for listing, which, if it is after 7/5/2013 they won’t be able to do anything, as I will be in hospital from 4/4/2013 for approx up to 28 days
That only leaves 3 days to investigate bring charges to put before the courts so that justice could be done.


They always leave court cases hanging over him, so he is permanently under threat of being sent back to prison- this happens over every Christmas time. A form of drip, drip, drip persecution.

“Dear Mr Michael Parnell

I am in receipt of your email received via the Crown Prosecution Service Complaints and Feedback system on 25th March 2013.

In your email you refer to your contact with Greater Manchester Police Professional Standards branch. Please liaise with them about the progress of your complaint about the police.

At the conclusion of your email you refer to a recently discontinued case before Stockport Magistrates Court.

I can confirm that the court has notified us that you wish to exercise your right to have the proceedings revived; we are waiting for the matter to be listed by the court. I hope this explains the situation.

I enclose a copy of the Complaints and Feedback booklet.

Yours sincerely

Elaine Goodchild

Complaints Co-ordinator