The LibDems used a Criminal ASBO, of which Mr Parnell was acquitted in a 3 day, £10,000 per day, Crown Court Appeal but which is still in place even though he was found innocent of the alleged crime, to prevent him moving about the town – the streets he could go down and the areas he could visit were very limited by the CRASBO. He was placed under 2 years 8am to 8pm house arrest, so he couldn’t even visit his dentist. He couldn’t visit his elderly mother on Christmas Day.

Almost every time he went back to court he was up in front of Judge Bernard Lever, so no fresh pair of eyes ever looked at his case.

Stockport Council falsly accused him of council tax arrears. Stockport Council didn’t respond to his letters. If he went into Fred Perry House to try to access Citizens Advice or to speak to the Council about his falsified council tax arrears, he faced 5 years in prison for each breach of the CRASBO not to enter Fred Perry House – a CRASBO for a crime of which he had been acquitted at the Crown Court.

Incidentally, his CRASBO says he should not enter Ponsonby House, which has now been demolished and Fred Perry House built on the site. Someone called John Derbyshire at the Crown Prosecution Service says that Fred Perrry House is merely the re-named old Ponsonby House (at a cost of £12 million)