We have seen the location of the old tip and the location of the school are one and the same. We have seen previously that no contamination trial pits were dug where the school was going (deliberately so no contamination would be found).

We now see that the gas boreholes have been sunk around the periphery of the old tip and not in a strict grid pattern as should have been the case if they had complied with BS 10175.

These documents can be more clearly viewed at – http://www.sheilaoliver.org/contamination.html

Boreholes 1/05, 2/05, 3/05, 4/05 (no well – I don’t know what that means and apparently it is vexatious of me to have asked),5/05, 6/05, 7/05, 8/05, 9/05 and 10/05 testing for gas.

All contamination trial pits dug nowhere near where the school was going. “Existing borehole” is the one totally inadequate contamination investigation they tried to get away with and trial pit 5/05 wasn’t even dug because they didn’t own the land.