We must challenge LibDem lies every time they raise their ugly heads. Councillor Roberts states: “The Council has been working tirelessly for many years to secure the redevelopment of Offerton Precinct.” Lie. The Council has been working tirelessly for many years to cover the backs and protect the business interests of the former owners of the Precinct site and one can only guess at why.

I repeatedly asked questions about why the owners were not being made to keep their precinct in good repair. No real answer and no action taken against the Precinct owners It represented a serious danger to local people, as this photo shows:-


This is what the former owners of Offerton Precinct get up to. Why did the LibDem Area Committee, Executive Committee and senior council officers at Stockport offer them golden planning elephants when it was known full well what sort of company they were and the shenanigans they got up to. One cursory look at the Precinct would have informed the Council what sort of company they were dealing with. Why was the Lisburne Group’s planning application to keep the local businesses and a new convenience store continually blocked by the LibDems?

It is the failure of the LibDem local councillors and the LibDem administration that led to this deplorable situation. The chutzpah of Roberts to claim the Council worked tirelessly to sort this situation out takes my breath away.

Had the Lisburne Group application been passed, the then owners of the Precinct would have been left with a worthless piece of land, because what was hidden at the time but much later emerged was that there was a covenant on the Tenbest (Precinct owner’s) land preventing housing being built on it. So, had the Lisburne Group developed the shops on their existing land, the Tenbest/Noe family would have been left with land which couldn’t be developed. Did Tenbest/the Noe family, have friends at LibDem court? We can only guess!