By Recorded Delivery

Dear Mr Boylan

Re: Harcourt Street Playing Fields, North Reddish

As you are well aware, for some time now I have been asking council meeting and FOIA questions regarding the missing replacement playing fields at Harcourt Street, North Reddish, Stockport. Having been stonewalled by the Council time after time – the reason being the “vexatiousness” of the question – by you and the LibDem Executive Councillors, I had to write to the Chief Executive and Board members of Sport England to try to get some sort of response as to why there were no replacement playing fields. Sport England stipulated that these should have been in place before the new school opened and circa £660,000 should have been spent in total. The only reason this school was built, as it was against the Town Plan, was that such facilities would be provided for local people but you and the LibDem Executive Councillors reneged on that commitment using spurious and defamatory allegations against me to cover up the fact that they had failed to comply.

I would now like you to make an offer to make amends, under the Defamation Act. I would accept at this stage an abject apology and setting the record straight – all such costs to be borne out of the pockets of the LibDem Executive Councillors and senior council officers responsible for this sorry state of affairs.

I would like to receive a response from you within 10 working days, as is set down in the Council’s own guidelines.

Yours sincerely

Sheila Oliver