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MP intrudes

Hunter MP Posted on Sun, September 01, 2013 20:12

Mark Hunter MP is intruding into the home lives of people who can’t stand him (with good reason) with his stop nuisance calls campaign. Physician heal thyself:-

Lord Goddard. Planning shenanigans at Stockport Council? Surely not!

Reddish Vale Posted on Sun, September 01, 2013 19:41

People whom I know and trust – decent, hardworking people, say Stockport Council misled them regarding planning. Hmmm, who to believe!

Cheadle Constituency Link Road will make traffic here worse

Bypass Posted on Sun, September 01, 2013 19:27

The “Cheadle Constituency Link Road” for votes is likely to make traffic here worse. Why did LibDem Danny Alexander give the go-ahead for this when there was no traffic modelling under a decade old in place? It’s a connundrum, and no mistake.