Email sent

20 September 2013 12:27

Dear LibDem Councillors

The LibDems tried to get me banned from Twitter over what you have done to Mr Parnell RIP. You all have to face up to the atrocities you have committed, and a Hancock-style head in the sand response won’t wash.

It might be time I moved away from Twitter and concentrated on getting all your dodginess up on my website; there is a backlog waiting to be posted up which I have neglected. It’s an ill wind etc ;o)


This email was also forwarded to the following LibDems, who acknowledged receipt:-
Macolm Bruce MP
Jeremy BrowneMP
Douglas Alexander MP
Lorely Burt MP
Vince Cable MP
Martin Horwood MP
Norman LambMP
Greg Mulholland MP
Michael Thornton MP
John Pugh MP