Why not solve his simple problem, which is what they are paid to do, instead of subjecting him to hundreds of custodies, dozens of imprisonments, court cases dropped on the day of the hearing, always a court case hanging over him and his family every Christmas, repeated imprisonment in tough Forest Bank Prison, knowing him to be a very sick man, 2 years 8am to 8pm house arrest? And then when he was acquitted of the trumped-up charge of assault with a sneeze and the council security guards were found to have perjured themseleves in court over the issue, the punishment of him continued. They falsified council tax arrears; when he went into the Town Hall to sort it out they had him arrested. Citizens Advice is in a Town Hall building. He could get no impartial help. He couldn’t go within a mile of the town hall. I tried to act on his behalf but they wouldn’t accept his authority to let me act on his behalf. The then Freedom of Information Officer said she would write to him to get a further letter of authority from him, but she never wrote so she wouldn’t ever get a reply – Clare Naven. Little tricks to enable them to continue persecuting someone who stood up to them.

His MP Stunell refused to help, even trying to ban him from having contact with me – one of the only people to try to help him. MP Hunter was part of the original problem when he was Leader of the Council and this insanity all started. His local councillors Mike Wilson and Chris Gordon wouldn’t help.

His was a simple problem; he wanted counselling for his lovely daughters adopted from Stockport Council.

The culprits: Webb, Schulz, Boylan, Khan, Sherwood, Majothi, Goddard, Derbyshire – and all the Executive LibDem Councillors. Mr Parnell attended every meeting when not in a police cell or in prison. Why didn’t they do anything when they knew exactly what was being done to him?

Quite simply, what they did drove a very sick man to an early death.