I continued to express my concern over the atrocities conducted against Mr Parnell:

Email sent to ministers@education.gsi.gov.uk – 10 November 2012 17:24

Dear Sirs

I have grave concerns about the fitness of Andrew Webb to hold public office. He serves on many Government committees. Here is my evidence against him:-


I hope you will take this seriously. Stockport Council had the Serious Case Reviews into the cases of Andrea Adams who jumped to her death from a towerblock and Alison Davies who jumped from the Humber Bridge with her 9 year old autistic son, Ryan. In the light of the decison to help people who came to Stockport Council asking for help for vulnerable children, what has been done to the Town Hall Protester is nothing short of another scandal. Mr Webb had a legal duty to assist him and not to have him repeatedly imprisoned.

I hope you will take this seriously.

Kind regards