Email sent by me to local resident – 25 September 2008 21:11


Report of FOI visit to Aquinas 23/9/08.

1) I will forward after this an email I have sent to the reporter at the Stockport Express.

2) As of the end of June The Sunday School hadn’t sold the land but were going to enter into some kind of legal agreement to allow the building to commence. The Sunday School is concerned that the land won’t be sold on for profit at a later date and wants a covenant inserted, they want to make sure they get their planning permission through and they are concerned about their tax position.

There is Japanese Knotwood on the Sunday School site which should have been removed before building commences.

Again, the college is very worried about their financial position this year.

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No mention to the governors of contamination but maybe they didn’t have the results through, or am I just being charitable?